Links and Resources

1. Irish Studies

International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures (IASIL)

IASIL offers news related to the study of Irish literature worldwide. The page also offers information on the annual IASIL conferences as well as on jobs and fellowships in this scholarly area.

European Federation of Associations and Centres of Irish Studies (EFACIS)

EFACIS lists and connects all European institutions devoted to Irish Studies and offers relevant news in that area, including programmes and scholarships for PhD students, research projects, calls for papers and international conferences.

2. Postcolonial Studies and Whiteness Studies

White Spaces Network

Based at the University of Leeds, the White Spaces Network is dedicated to forming an international collaborative network in the fast-growing area of Whiteness Studies. The page offers general information on contemporary and urgent questions related to whiteness in a global scope.

Postcolonial, Transnational and Transcultural Studies Münster (PTTS)

What is postcolonialism? - This page of the University of Münster offers general information on the topic as well as lists of key texts and theorists which serve as a good introduction to this scholarly field and its central debates.

Network Postcolonial Germany and Britain

This academic network is based at the University of Münster and aims at a transnational, comparative approach to contemporary questions of postcolonialism in Germany and the UK.